About M Ference & Co

      Welcome,MFerence & Co is a small business established 2010 with the desire to manufacture special surface engraved traditional style jewelry products, which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and gorgeous to wear. My partner and I decided that our extensive experience in manufacturing would prove invaluable toward the manufacture of such unique jewelry. Our products reflect the commitment of providing quality jewelry that is not easily found or made today. 

Our Precision slow speed engraved pendants comprise some of the items that we make and sell, which are completely American made. We cut our pendants carefully by using a special slow speed technique to achieve the delicate designs on each surface, resulting in a piece of exquisite jewelry. In addition. Our products combine both traditional style and personality for men and women.


Our techniques origionally come for Swiss and German jewelry processes dating bact over 100 years. We are always excited to continue providing this special engraving process to craft  jewelry for our customers.


 Thank you for looking at our site and feel free to ask any question regarding our jewelry, we love the enquiries.