Astrology bangle,3/4"or 1" diameter with 2 finishes choice and 2 charms.Also our copper charm option.

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    Our exquisite- crafted, surface engraved, antique sterling 14k rose or 14k gold plated zodiac pendant & handmade wire bangle. Our pendants are a category of Vintage & Victorian technique made  jewelry. which yield a special design result seldom found today.

  We use a technique that is actually  more than a century old process from Germany and Switzerland. 

  Our Pendant measures 3/4", 1" inch diameter and  1/32 thick.

  Bracelets comes with your choice of 2 pure copper polished charms in an nice gift box.

 The plating process is genuine antique sterling, 14k rose or yellow gold 

 The bracelet itself is hand made from solid quality brass wire.

 Our unique engraving process uses a slow speed turning technique to create a distinctive cutting pattern and design in our pendants, resulting in delicate designed jewelry pieces.