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Welcome, Mference & Co is a small family business established in 2010, dedicated to the fabrication of special consumer products and precision parts.

We provide both manual and cnc services plus quality wood cutting processes within our machine, engraving shop.

A variety of items are custom made in our shop ,including special outside sundials, personal engraved stainless bottle openers and fireplace/ outside bellows.

We are currently expanding the designs on our engraved sundials and will be adding fire pit covers to the list of consumer items we make.

I originally had the desire to have a model making business at the age of 12 years old using wood to craft toys from my favorite TV shows.

Eventually at the age 16, with the initial purchase of a used Emco Maier Unimat Lathe mill combination from a high school shop friend, I started to make, during my sophomore year from scratch a civil war rifle canon nearly 2 feet long .

The project truly inspire me to realize more creative ideas and a business would come.
My residence eventually would move to the small town of Maywood, NJ in 1990, where I established my first practical machine, wood shop.

The addition of antique engraving machines from Switzerland made it possible to expand my creativity to personalized engraving work.
We currently have 3D printers for special design work, a cnc mill and with the purchase of a Cnc router, our shop will expand to fabricate custom aluminum and personalized wood signs. The shop comprises a manual lathe, mill and wood fabrication machines to produce a variety of special projects customers have in mind.

There are few reasons, why people choose our handmade e-store over everyone else

High quality

The majority of brands/sellers that are featured on our store rely on a following by a small group of fans. That is why they are the ones most interested in keeping the overall quality of each specific item and the materials as high and premium-grade, as possible!


The MFerence & Co store offers each unique person (& that's everyone of us) a rich choice of items where one can find absolutely anything. Just browse through our wide range of handmade items and accessories, categories and you will surely find some item that will be just as unique as you are!

What we really do?

The prices that we recommend for our sellers are regarded as the most reasonable ones in the industry. Our sellers are very good at keeping the balance between valuing their hard work and item's uniqueness and keeping the prices down to the ground, making all our items nationwide affordable!


Mference & Co was founded in 2010 in Maywood, NJ in my machine/hobby shop with the intent to make quality made hard to find engineered wood and metal models for our close friends and customers. We added engraved jewelry and stainless consumer items because we saw a need for special durable US made products.

With my partner, who is a toolmaker and me a professional machinist and draftsman we felt our talents would be utilized most effectively in this business arrangement. We comprise a total of 60 years machining from a variety of fields including medical, aerospace and machine building spectrums.

We believe you will like the items our business makes, especially the “Custom made” option for our discriminating customers.

Diversity & quality

As one of the biggest handmade accessories retailer in the US we’re always concerned with two foremost things in our operations:

  • The top-notch quality for each of the products we sell here
  • The diversity of our handmade items to be as wide as possible