How long does it take to make your items?

We require at least 7 days for jewelry and 3  to 4 weeks for wood custom work. Special machining items such our Star Wars chess board and sundials require 6 weeks to produce.

Can I have the item shipped faster for a special event?

Yes, we can ship by PRIORITY MAIL or EXPRESS MAIL ,but the customer must pay for this service.

If I don't like the item, can I send it back for a complete refund?

We cannot accept custom engraving work or custom designs for a refund, due to the specialty work involved ( we apologize).

If I purchase a custom made design that I requested and special to me , can I return it if not satisfied?

Unfortunately, because it was made specific for you, we cannot accept a return on it.

Do you gift wrap an item for a customer?

Yes, we will by request gift wrap the item for your special occasion.

If I don't see a specific item I want can I get a custom order?

Yes, we are currently working to special design items for customers, we will be offering an expanded service to our customers soon.
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