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MferenceCo.LLC (here in after referred to as “the Company”) recognizes its important social responsibility in protecting information and managing it securely. The Company shall manage, handle and use personal information in accordance with the following policy statement.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

The Company shall faithfully abide by laws, regulations and other rules regarding personal information.

2. Appropriate management of personal information

The Company shall have on its staff a personal information manager who implements appropriate preventive and corrective measures to ensure that personal information held by the Company shall not be accessed or used fraudulently, nor lost, destroyed, altered or disclosed.

3. Purpose of collecting information, and parameters of use

The Company shall make clear the purposes of use of personal information it is entrusted with, and shall collect only information required within those accepted parameters of use. Collected customer information shall not be altered or disclosed to a third party without the consent of the person him/herself, other than for purposes required within the scope of normal business operations. (However, this does not apply in the case of an official institution demanding, through legal procedures, that such information be submitted.)

(a) Purpose of use of information registered by customers

The Company may, via its company website or other website for special purposes (both hereinafter referred to as “the websites”), request that customers provide personal information, but said information recorded (input) by customers will be used only within the accepted parameter of the Company’s business operations (including the business operations of the Company’s sales agents and sales partners) for the purpose of offering product information, delivering products, and providing other customer services.

(b) Purpose of use of other information regarding data recorded by customers

When the Company compiles statistics on customers’ website access logs (histories), it shall use a format that will not permit the identification of individuals. When it is determined necessary for website management purposes, the Company may at times view the access log data.

4. Modifications and deletions

In the event of a mistake or inconvenience regarding information customers entrust to the Company, including information recorded (input) on the websites by the customer, the customer may contact the Company at the contact address given on the websites to request that the information be disclosed, modified or deleted, and the Company shall do so after verifying the identity of the person making the contact.

5. Use of information for purposes other than those within parameters of use

The Company shall not use, provide or assign personal information except within the parameters of use agreed to by the person him/herself or that person’s guardian, or except in the case of a legal order requiring it to do so.

6. Restrictions on and management of disclosure

The Company shall ensure the confidentiality of personal information in its possession and entrusted to it, and shall manage such information appropriately, ensuring that the said information is handled only within the parameters of use agreed to by the customer, except when required to do so by a legal order. Furthermore, in the event that, within the parameters of use consented to by the customer, the Company discloses personal information to an entity outside the Company or entrusts certain business operations, including those involving personal information, to an entity outside the Company, the Company shall ensure that this is done with strict regard for appropriate management practices.

7. Regular improvement efforts

To ensure that it manages personal information in the most suitable manner, the Company shall remain abreast of changes in legislation, social standards and information technologies, and shall accordingly revise and improve its personal information management systems, on a regular basis.